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We link communities and organisations to their Waste Service Providers and award users with EcoPoints as a reward for positive “EcoActions”

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Key Initiatives

Household Waste Segregation Research Madina

In a collaboration with our Social Enterprise Foundation in partnership with CIYZOE Eco Group, we undertook a market sensitivity analysis in households in Madina, Greater Accra. The purpose of the research was to understand household perception about recycling in the Madina vicinity to inform the EcoRewards app development. The research focused on two areas, Libya Quarters and Madina Zongo.

The following information was sought from the selected households:

  • Knowledge of individual on waste sorting
  • People actively practicing segregation at source
  • Types of waste being sorted and preference to type sorted
  • Cost of waste disposal
  • Willingness to be engaged in sorting activities

Closing the Loop Project

As part of our circular economy initiatives, CHAiNT Afrique is working with Maiden Environmental Services, based in Tema (Ghana) on a project for the safe and responsible collection of mobile phones for responsible recycling through Closing the Loop which is an innovative Social Enterprise based in the Netherlands.

Closing the Loop makes mobile phones waste-free by collecting end-of-life telephones in places where they can’t be recycled and then recycling them responsibly. Closing the Loop does this with local partners in order to empower local entrepreneurs and to create economic value. Watch out for more information as we launch our ‘Forest in the Drawer’ initiative for a circular economy.

Scan Pay Sanitise on the Go

A platform that encourages hand sanitising while providing a simple method of tracking and tracing infected commuters.

When completed, this platform will:

  • Reduce the risk of infection from physical cash transactions
  • Scan and log commuter profile making it easy to trace commuters in the event of any sporadic outbreak
  • Reward commuters for using handsanitisers installed in buses

We recognise the importance of safeguarding the environment. Our services are generally aligned to protecting and safeguarding the environment to secure its long-term generative capacity for future generations.

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